Multiracial and Multicultural

We declared ourselves to be a “Multiracial and Multicultural” church because we warmly, enthusiastically, and intentionally welcome people of all races and cultures.

Our congregation expresses its commitment by:

  • affirming and living out our faith in God as revealed through Jesus Christ;
  • knowing we are interconnected with people of all races, ethnicities, and cultures;
  • embodying and rejoicing in these diversities as gifts to the human family;
  • welcoming all people into the community of faith without discrimination because of color, race, ethnicity, language, or culture;
  • formally recognizing and utilizing the racial and cultural varieties of gifts within the context of Christian unity;
  • struggling within church and society to rid ourselves of the sin of racism which has prevented an authentic embrace of the races, ethnicities, and cultures in our denomination;
  • making multiracial and multicultural inclusiveness a key organizing principle for church in society;
  • working for justice and peace throughout the global community;
  • reflecting in our membership the changing demographics;
  • declaring ourselves an anti-racist congregation.