Our Progressive Expression of the Christian faith

We are a people of compassion.
We are ministers who embody the tangible love of a savior who fed the hungry, healed the hurting, and who told us bluntly that what we did to the least we did to him.‚Äč

We are a people of inclusion.
This is a value Jesus held. Jesus came to include, not to exclude. All are welcome around God’s table.

We are a people of liberation. 
We seek to challenge all oppression and discrimination. By embodying grace we live out our liberation until all are set free.

We are a people of hope.
We are a people filled with joy and unrelenting optimism because we believe God is good. With God, all things are possible. God can use us to transform the world.

We are a people of Jesus.
Jesus was the incarnation of God’s grace. Jesus was the ultimate progressive, who resisted the status quo of oppression and showed us the way to the abundant life God intends for all people.

We are a progressive Christian church.
We willingly embrace such traditional liberal values as helping and advocating for the poor, and protecting the environment, and recognize as sinful attitudes: sexism, ageism, racism, homophobia, ableism, and religious discrimination. We support marriage equality for all couples, regardless of gender, and we enthusiastically and intentionally welcome lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people into the full life and leadership of our church. Our church family is multiracial and multicultural, and we celebrate the diversity that God created us to be! 

We care for those who are hurting or in need.
Caring for others is the soul of who we are. It keeps us from being consumed with ourselves. It is the antidote for the toxic effects of the materialism that is consuming our society. In a hurting and hopeless world, celebration is vital to health. People need to celebrate to keep hope alive.

We are empowered to minister to others.
Everyone is gifted. The role of the clergy and staff is to equip people for ministry. Pastors minister, but they are not the ministers. All God’s people are ministers. We are all producers, not just consumers, of faith.