Adults’ Discussion Group

Sundays at 10:10 AMwithwithout

The group has decided to study With or Without God: The Way We Live Is More Important Than What We Believe by Greta Vosper.

Rev. Gretta Vosper, founder of the Canadian Centre for Progressive Christianity, and a United Church of Canada minister in east Toronto, believes that the church has “outlived its viability.” In With or Without God, she proposes a new way forward, where every aspect of Christianity is to be examined through the lens of whether it supports life-enhancing values. Practices or beliefs found wanting, Vosper believes, must go. 

Vosper’s ultimate challenge is for Christians to live a “radically ethical life,” believing that liberal Christians must “clear their desks of what they no longer believe of the Christian message.” Everything is up for grabs: the authority of the Bible; the divinity of Jesus; the validity of the sacraments; the nature of God. Over seven chapters, Vosper deconstructs Christianity as we know it, and suggests how it can be challenged, liberated and reconstructed.