Peace Village / Villa de Paz

our-dream_615x3001A multi-use building and property embodying the Beloved Community in the 21st century

As the congregation of First United Church of Tampa interprets today’s troubling times, our desire has been to position ourselves for ministry and service to the present and future populations of Tampa.

We envision a new location that will include an innovative worship center, multi-purpose community space, gardens and pocket parks, and affordable senior housing.  It will become a locus of ecumenical gatherings, educational activities, and programs and services that serve the range of human needs.  This place may include or be close to shopping, restaurants, health facilities, entertainment, and recreation, and have access to major transportation arteries.  It will be a work of the church, but this place shall not seek to repel or differentiate through dogma or doctrine.  Everything about this place will reflect the Beloved Community.  It shall be a warm and welcoming, environmentally-friendly, sustainable village, witnessing to the love of God in all creation.

It will be the Peace Village.

Please click for more information:  Peace Village Brochure